Product Design & Fiber Arts


b. 1986, HK.


You can find me running around Portland, stopping to say hello to dogs and hunting for the best sour beer. Want to see my face light up? Talk shop with me about woven textiles or bring up Iranian food and watch me fumble over my words in excitement. If you care about a cause, I want to hear about it. If you're maker, I want you to show me your craft. Lead me to your favorite ramen joint and I'll share with you my favorite Spotify playlists.

Let's have some fun together! 


I’m a tactile oriented artist whose interests lie at the intersection of craft and design, believing that collaboration builds the best solutions. By emphasizing time and experimentation, I open myself to imaginative art that’s anchor it in today’s design realities. As an artist, I want to reminding the community around me that taking time is unique. My generation has been taught instant gratification but as a fiber artist, I’ve come to understand the virtue in thoughtful preparation and execution. This value is consistent in my life (food, partnerships, art), bleeding into my practices and revealing my nature as an artist and designer.

The materials I choose are dictated by the project at hand. These choices span from deep maples to soft alpaca, recycled selvages, latigo leathers, polyethylene plastics, and natural dye matters. Each decision becomes personal, as the things I make are an extension of who I am. Initially my entry into self-expression began with fine arts. Slowly, I found sitting at a loom poetic. Now trilingual, I can speaking the language that codes woven structures.